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SAG-AFTRA Actor with 40+ YEARS Experience , Entrepreneur & Martial Arts Champion. View his acting resume here

The name Sunit comes from the Sanskrit Word Suniti. This means a person with Good Policies and Intentions.

If we go in the depth of the name Sunit (First Name), Kumar (Middle Name) , Gupta (Family Name). All these three names are the synonyms of Lord  Shiva. If we go in the Varnakshar System of Vedas. Then Sunit is a combination of all the four Varnas

Dr. Gupta is a synonym for a modern sadhu, swami, guru, pundit, scholar, jyotishi, palmist, messenger, helper, healer, devotee, yogi, tantrik, singer, actor, counselor, life coach, reiki grand master, Ashihara karate chairman, intuitive, spiritualist, Business Consultant/Trainer  with U.S. Goverment's SBDC and what not?

Sunit is a well known name throughout the World for his accurate predictions and through his philanthropic endeavours.

Specifically his predictions for Bill Clinton and George Bush becoming the President was flawless.

He has numerous websites since the world wide web started. Some of his sites which offers knowledge to a layman are:

www.karayoga.org www.tantrik.net www.sunitgupta.com www.ashiharausa.org
and has been featured Worldwide in newspapers , television and radio all over the world including C.N.N., Doordarshan, Voice of America.

He also has his own T.V. and radio programs 'Psychics: Myth or Fact',  'Spiritual Dimension of Life' , 'L.A. Masala' since more than last two decades. For years he was also a columnist for L.A.India (Now India  Journal) , Indian News Express and Crescent News Express.

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